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What Is Cash Flow?

Posted on May 13, 2021 by Nestor Villamil

Cash flow simply means the amount of money that makes and leaves a small business or household. Money flows right into a business by means of revenues and out through the proper execution of expenses. Money flows right into a household in lots of forms. Are you currently receiving money from the structured settlement or lottery? Those are incoming cash flows. Can you owe money to anyone? Those are outgoing cash flows.

While owner financing can trace its roots much further back to history, it had been the 1980s that basically saw a fresh beginning in the money Flow Industry. Today you can find a lot more than 60 income streams that are being sold and sold. Money stream is really a future group of payments. More technically, money stream is really a financial obligation or debt that certain party owes to some other party.


Individuals and businesses sell income streams for three basic reasons: o Access -- it might be a have to pay debt, settle a divorce, buy a home, have a vacation, finance a marriage, start a home based business, etc. Whatever income stream you now have that you might need cash for immediately.

  • Interest or Yield -- as interest or yield opportunities arise that enable you to earn more income than your present investments, you might reallocate money from existing income streams to new better-producing ones.
  • Inflation -- this eats away at the near future earning power of one's money.
  • You can sell your earnings stream in order to avoid the drop in real value as time passes.

    Individuals and businesses buy income streams as a kind of investing that often produce better returns than they are able to obtain from more traditional sources.